The coolest bots ever.

Dive into the world of bits & bytes and experience the grooviest bots of all time. Bots Boom Bang is funky, groovy, fun - in a word, different. A brand new challenge awaits you: solve the schematics to help the bots find each other. Use the power items to clear your path through the levels. Use the craziest wheel of fortune you've ever spun and win great prizes. Are you in?




What People Are Saying.

  • Clever game. This game is great. gradual easy but it gets tough! Very fun

  • Unique idea! Great graphics . Yes the bots are the coolest.
  • Beautiful design and awesome graphics make this one and instant classic!!

    Sharier Anik
  • Great! Good graphics, fun gameplay, and addicting!

    Omnus Ruthius
  • Super fun! Awesome puzzle game

  • Awesome Game!! Very fun, challenging and addicting! I really like the graphics makes the game even better!

    Dr. Estrada