About Asylum Square

Asylum Square is an independent game developer that is located in the Black Forest in Germany.

We want to create fun and challenging gameplay you can play together with friends and family. We want to bring the game experiences that defined our generation to everyone.

Asylum Square was founded in 2014 by gaming geek and developer Jochen Heizmann. Jochen has been writing and selling games for 20 years now. His journey started on the good old Amiga 500. On PC he developed games for Koch Media, Big Fish Games and DTP Entertainment. In 2006 he joined Gameforge - one of the biggest games publishers in germany - to create MMO games. After that he helped building up the new mobile unit of the company. The games he worked on reached millions of players worldwide.

For his first own company Intermediaware Jochen created over 60 games and applications for a wide variety of platforms including PC/Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Nintendo DS, Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android and Windows Phone.

In 2014 Jochen founded Asylum Square to create the games he always dreamed of. Jochen does all the programming, design and audio for his games. He coded a cross-platform engine from scratch. Jochen also teams up with other very talented people to create truly immersive game experiences. So if you want to collaborate please drop him a message.